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Strength and Resilience


Strength and Resilience Workshop 

Face to face or Webinar

This workshop is designed to address the cost of stress to employees in terms of health and wellbeing and the adverse impact on business in terms of productivity and competitiveness. We look at signs and symptoms, cause and effect, and what you can do in the short term and longer term to minimise and reduce the negative impact of workplace stress.


A broader look at resilience follows where we explain what we mean by resilience and the advantages of building personal resilience individually and to the organisation. We then take a deeper dive and shine a light on 3 key areas: Emotional Intelligence, Accurate Thinking and Realistic Optimism and show how by focusing on these areas we can all unlock the benefits of building personal resilience.

This workshop can be delivered as a stand alone session or can be coupled with the other Bonmotus workshops.

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