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Michael Griffiths 

Bonmotus was founded by Michael Griffiths with two fundamental aims: to support businesses and organisations in managing the multiple issues arising from workplace stress, and to support the wellbeing of employees through stress management education and strategies for building personal resilience.


Michael brings personal values such as professionalism, trust, authenticity and respect together with his unique range of qualifications and experience to create a positive organisational culture at Bonmotus which we believe benefits everyone.

  • Qualified Mental Health Nurse.

  • Many years’ experience delivering mental health care and patient education in NHS.

  • Honours Graduate Heriot-Watt University School of Business and Management.

  • Diploma Transformational Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching.

  • Training in a range of psychological therapy models including Cognitive Behavioural, Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Group Analytical Psychotherapy.

  • Experience of working in Industry – started working life as shipyard worker.

Michael Girffiths.jpg

How we change lives 

The Bonmotus vision of supporting people whilst supporting businesses has come through years with working day-to-day with people who have experienced problems in relation to work and interpersonal relationships in everyday life.

Through this direct contact it became apparent that these issues were exerting a significant heath cost on individuals as well as an economic cost to businesses. When this direct experience and anecdotal evidence was coupled with official UK Government data, the case for acting was compelling.


This is why Bonmotus has committed to designing a range of evidence based psycho-education and early intervention products specifically aimed at addressing the duel problems of employee mental health and resilience and organisation costs and productivity.

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