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We Help People and Organisations be Better.

Cope Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Boost Performance Build Resilience and Live a Values Directed Life.

"Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
                   (Mary Oliver)

"Michael did a guest speaker slot on a CIPD workshop on neuro diversity which was held at University of Highlands and Islands, Inverness. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and combines clinical experience with business expertise which means his advice is very practical and insightful."

                                                                                                                     D. Jack

"I Thoroughly enjoyed the Personal Resilience workshop with Michael. He explained things clearly and left time for questioning.
I like his reference to Emotional Storms, Dropping Anchors, Boxed Breathing and Grounding, all elements that will be prudent in both my personal and professional career.  Would highly recommend."

                                                                                                                  L. MacLean

Neurodiversity in the Workplace. 

Mental Health First Aid Training

Performance, Resilience and Living a life of Value

How we help businesses

Bonmotus helps businesses and organisations support employee wellbeing, boost performance and create a positive organisational culture.

Reduce costs to businesses from mental health absences

Improve employee


Boost Performance and Productivity

We do this by providing quality training packages that support employee health and wellbeing.  We offer a range of "out-the-box" training products but have the expertise and flexibility to provide bespoke services tailored to the needs of your organisation.  

At Bonmotus, we place a huge emphasis on quality and we believe that the quality of the person delivering the training is just as important as the training content. Our trainers have an extensive clinical background, education and experience, so you get much more than a presentation of the subject matter.

Questions, discussion, analysis and viewing topics from multiple perspectives is positively encouraged and contribute to what we hope will be a stimulating and memorable learning experience.

For specific details and booking visit our Events page. Get in touch using the form below for bespoke corporate packages.


As an organisation, Bonmotus is committed to values centred around quality, learning, personal growth and development. We want to learn from you about the challenges you face in relation to cost, productivity and supporting employee wellbeing. 


Use the contact form on our Contact page to arrange a call.

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