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Mental Health 

First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

£150 - Full-Day Online Training

This training can be delivered in-house. Use the Get In Touch button to arrange a chat about in-house options.

Having a mental health first aider in an organisation not only provides a resource for supporting employee mental health and wellbeing, but it also makes a strong positive statement about the organisational culture and the importance of employee welfare to the organisation as whole.

At this online training event, attendees will learn the principles of first aid and how this applies to  common mental health issues including anxiety, depression and stress.   In addition, the course gives people the techniques, skills and confidence to open up a conversation about mental health  and offer initial support. The course also introduces ideas around mental health action plans and how this can be implemented in the workplace.

As with all Bonmotus training events, you get much more than a presentation of the subject matter.  Questions, discussion, analysis and viewing topics from multiple perspectives is positively encouraged as we believe this contributes to what we hope will be a stimulating and memorable learning experience.

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