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Endings and Beginnings

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On this day, July 5th 2024, the day after the UK elected a new Government, I’ve been reflecting on how endings and beginnings often exist in the same temporal space.  Two apparent opposites and yet we seldom encounter one without bumping into the other.

In relation to the election, this is right now, part of a collective national experience regardless of your political persuasion.  

Continuing this theme, last night, I watched the documentary From Scotland With Love. A tapestry of Scottish archive film beautifully woven together by director Virginia Heath with an accompanying original soundtrack from King Creosote that is an aural experience of heart-rending beauty.

One of the songs, Miserable Strangers, captures the convergence of joy, anticipation, sadness and loss as the film shows footage of parents and grandparents on a Glasgow quayside bidding farewell to the young folk as they leave for a life in The New World.  Man, it puts you through the emotional ringer.

Again, another reminder of this coexistence of endings and beginnings and how often it shows up as part of everyday life.  Common, yet often the importance is overlooked.

Endings create an opportunity for reflection. Some say endings can make you happier. A good ending can allow us to move on to the next stage in our life.  Endings of course can be sad, but often we need to make room for the sadness in order to begin something new.

Ending are inevitable, unavoidable milestones on life’s journey.  If you can, take care of the endings and you might find that the ending (and the beginning) will take care of you.

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